About Reality Tunnels

Inaccurate Human Generated Version

This is a web comic made using AI generated images. It is about broken realities, holographic distortions, insecure robots, toast, and probably other incomprehensible things.

Comics and images have been generated by AI. Prompts may have been written by AI, humans, or both together in collaboration. The comic images have not been edited beyond watermarking and occasionally cropping.

This site is made with a static site generator named Igloo. Someday maybe I'll make it open source.

Our future robot overlords were asked to rewrite this. Here is their reply:

Inaccurate AI Generated Version

"Reality Tunnels" is an avant-garde web comic that dives deep into the abstract realms of AI-generated imagery. It delves into themes of fragmented realities, mesmerizing holographic distortions, the vulnerabilities of sentient robots, the mysteries behind a slice of toast, and many other bewildering yet captivating subjects.

Each comic strip and image you see is a product of cutting-edge AI technology. While some prompts guiding the AI were crafted by human hands, others were autonomously conceived by the AI itself. In some instances, a harmonious collaboration between humans and AI brought these visuals to life. The authenticity of each comic remains intact, with only minor modifications such as watermarking and occasional cropping to fit the desired format.

Powering this unique digital space is a static site generator named "Igloo." As its creator, I have aspirations to share its code with the world in the future, potentially making it open source for fellow enthusiasts and developers to explore.